how can I influence my work & world

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How can I influence my work and world?

How can I influence my work and world?

Over many years ebbf‘s ”make it meaningful” series of events has allowed participants to exchange ideas and examples of how to build a just, prosperous, and sustainable civilization through our daily work.

Themes we have looked at during these conferences have included redefining excellence, redesigning the corporation, and investigating the concept of sustainable wealth.
However, one question that we come back to at every learning event is:
How can I put this into practice on Monday? How do my actions influence the work I do and the world I live in?

The next in ebbf‘s make it meaningful series of learning events will be dedicated to answering that question.
With the help of like-minded people, you will have the opportunity to examine your circumstances, the spaces you live in and the wider trends that are re-shaping the world;
so that together we can work out how your actions will contribute to change, meaningful change, in the world around you on Monday morning.

Speakers, learnshops and meaningful conversations to choose from, living an ebbf learning experience:

As in every ebbf event we open our minds through thought-provoking ideas, deepen our understanding of those ideas through meaningful conversations, and be inspired by new thinking, which will give us the courage and methods to implement new meaningful models of work in our workplaces.

You can enjoy a curated learning experience: the combination of sparks of inspiration from keynotes, dynamic meaningful conversations and interactive learnshops, sparkled with those informal conversations with very like-minded yet a very diverse group of individuals. People who share your wish to explore how to connect your passion to contribute to a prosperous, just and sustainable civilisation, with action and influence in our daily work.

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meaningful conversations

make it meaningful series

ebbf’s make it meaningful series is the result of over 20 years of experience, evolving its international events. We discovered that people are not just looking for knowledge. They want to participate. And even more important, they want to contribute. Together we challenge the working environment and come up with ways of making our work more meaningful, connecting it to a wider purpose.

The vision of ebbf is: contributing to a prosperous, just and sustainable civilization and we continuously help the exploration and connection of this goal with our daily actions and growing positive influence in our daily workplaces. Making change happen at  the level of the individual, organizations and institutions.

What makes this learning event series unique? The international spread, quality and passion of the group of like minded people who attend these events. The humble yet determined posture of learning of participants means that ebbf facilitates the context (theme) and content (speakers and discussions), but you will determine the outcome.

ebbf is an open global learning community. What people value most in attending ebbf events are the meaningful conversations. We have therefore developed a program to make them the central part of the three-day experience. The second layer are the visitors, who come to have meaningful conversations around the theme of the event. The third layer are the speakers, learnshops, and action labs that give us different perspectives on this theme. We leave the event with a new process, a new tool for change, new connections that any of us can use in our own communities allowing us to spread those meaningful conversations and learning.

Action labs: a new and committed way of learning

During the event you will be introduced to the ebbf action lab process: an effective way to start those meaningful conversations your enjoyed during the event, in your local communities, leading to a cycle of action and reflection. Ultimately allowing you to create your own local learning communities.

You can find out more about ebbf action labs on the dedicated ebbf webpage : stepping into action and contributing to a prosperous, just and sustainable civilization, one conversation, one action, one community at a time.

speakers speakers

Here are the inspiring innovators we have invited to present and spark your meaningful conversations: influencing their corporations and their enterprises, bringing you motivating stories from different continents and sectors with their presentations.


Marc Rivers

marc rivers

Marc Rivers was appointed Head of Finance of the Pharmaceutical Division of Roche in February 2013. Previously he was the Region Finance Head of Western Europe after four years as the Region Head of Finance for Asia Pacific.  He joined Roche in 2005 in Basel, Switzerland as Head of Finance for Global Pharmaceutical Development.

Prior to joining Roche, Marc held various finance roles at Eli Lilly including Regional Finance Director for Eastern Europe, CFO of Japan and various financial roles at Lilly’s US headquarters.

Marc obtained a Masters in International Business Studies from the University of South Carolina in 1995 and is a dual US and Swiss citizen.

Selebogo Molefe

selebogo molefe
Selebogo describes himself as a connector and entrepreneur. Based in South Africa he is an active Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Alumni with a passion and obsession for enterprise development. A marketer at heart and connector passionate about bringing people together for a purpose.

Molefe runs the Open for Business campaign on behalf of Virgin’s Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, a programme that provides entrepreneurs with practical business workshops. Occasionally, he also gives talks to entrepreneurs and owners of small, medium and micro enterprises on how to use social media for businesses. In August of 2013, he launched an initiative called The Hook Up Dinner. It’s a monthly network session where entrepreneurs can get together and share ideas on how to grow their businesses.

Apart from his philanthropic work, Molefe is a forward-looking businessman who has a passion for people. In 2009, he started a company called Lifesgud.com, a lifestyle brand that specialises in creating unique experiences through niche events and decor. Lifesgud.com also designs and sells bean bags, ottomans, tents and mobile flooring. His thriving small business has attracted big clients such as Nedbank and Deloitte.

After a number of very diverse work experiences it was only in 2000 that business opportunities started opening up for him. He teamed up with his friend to start a clothing label called Umoba, which sold ethnic, funky jeans and tops. Initially, the business did very well – the pair got their clothes into the Y-Shop and dressed celebrities such as prominent DJ Rude Boy Paul.

Read more about Selebogo Molefe here.


Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 12.30.54
Stephanie is part of a new breed of young visionary architects, who operate beyond the nowadays restrained realm of architecture. She heads the work of AKKA ARCHITECTS, a consultancy firm focused on elevating architecture beyond itself and towards larger issues of individuals & cultures, knowledge & education, research & development, social evolution, community growth and human development.

Asim Haneef

asim haneef

Asim Haneef is the Director of Development and Executive Producer at Bamyan Media (www.bamyan.org) – a cutting edge social enterprise specializing in creating Reality TV Shows for Social Change in the Developing World. In 2013, he developed and successfully launched ‘El Mashrou3′ (The Project), Egypt’s first Reality TV show about regular and social entrepreneurs for Al-Nahar, the third biggest TV network in the country. The groundbreaking show + ‘beyond the show’ on-the-ground movement attracted millions of TV viewers and a large social media community as it sought to highlight the ingenuity, passion and skills of some of the youth of the country. It is now being developed in Tunisia, Bangladesh and Somaliland.

A firm believer in harnessing the vast power of Media to build a better world, he has worked as a Journalist and Digital Producer for some of the biggest News organizations in the world including Al-Jazeera English, Channel 4, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, Journeyman Pictures, Guardian Films, Ceasefire and BBC Worldwide.

Follow him on Twitter @Asimhaneef  or at this link

Sjoerd Luteyn

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.31.20

Together with the Refresh team, we help to transform organizations into communities. We do this by creating opportunities and communication that stimulate interactions. We see that interactions invite people to be involved; to take ownership. Once they are involved, they start to become engaged. People who are engaged to the community, are driving the process of transformation.
At Refresh I help clients to find the soul of the organization, and help them to create strategies that help to live the brand; align actions and communication with the soul.

Maja Groff

Leveraging the power of women and men in the workplace is the theme that Maja will be covering with Nava Hinrichs at the event. 

Maja Groff is currently Senior Legal Officer at the Hague Conference on Private International Law (est. 1893).
She has pioneered human rights innovations in relation to existing or potential international treaties in areas including child law, the rights of women, citizen access to legal information, and other topics, successfully navigating delicate negotiations with nation states.
She has published and lectured on a range of current international legal issues.
Admitted to the New York Bar, she has worked in corporate and finance law in New York City at a top 10 international law firm.
She has previously worked in small business, NGO and publishing fields (including as Head Editor and travel writer for the best-selling travel guide, Let’s Go).
She sits on the Executive Board of the Harvard Club of the Netherlands, focusing on events relating to CSR / Ethical Business, and on the United Nations Committee of the New York City Bar Association. She holds an MSc (Oxford), a BCL and LLB (McGill), and an AB (Harvard), with a cross-disciplinary background in Social Anthropology and Law. 

Alex Cabon

alex cabon
Alex is a real global citizen with with dual nationality – French and Brazilian. He has worked in more than 25 countries and across all seven continents as as trainer, coach and facilitator. He holds a masters degree in telecomms engineering (Telecom sud Paris)and studied international business in EGADE – one of the best business schools in Latin America.

He was talent management director and sales manager at national level coordinating many teams in AIESEC. And as a national president in France, he lead more than 500 young people towards a common vision with full P&L responsibility, reporting to the board. Alex developed a leadership programme for the international business center of PwC Mexico developing more than 10 commercial talents and making millions of dollars in business development in international markets. Alex performs his roles in a spirit of service, and being very driven, he contributes to a better world with high impact personal relationships and transforming companies.

Alex is committed to help individuals and organizations reach their fullest potential throught Coaching, facilitation and positve psychology programs. Alex works 4 days/week for PwC UK as Head of Latin America Market and leading the deployment of the Building Strenghts in Learders internally and bringing it to market as well.

Oscar Mendez Rosa

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.39.01

Oscar Mendez Rosa – Transforming Companies into Communities Co-Founder and Art Director of Refresh Interactions holds two degrees in Marketing and Communication as well as Art Direction and Graphic Design. As co-founder and Art Director of Refresh Interactions – a company for online communication and marketing strategy in the Netherlands – he creates unique concepts for clients all over Europe. Oscar believes in the responsibility of a business to contribute to the development and wellbeing of society as a whole. Oscar’s idea worth spreading embraces the idea of transforming companies into communities which opens up new capacities for cooperation and reciprocity in business. Placing the idea of service at the center, a dynamic framework is created, which allows creativity to flow and people to develop on all levels of their being while contributing to a an ever-advancing civilization.

John Scherer

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 11.51.21
Born and raised in America, John is committed to ‘transforming the world at work, collaborating with real people on real issues in real time. His ‘elevator statement’: ‘We help leaders transform their lives and their organizations.’ Steeped in both Easter and Western spiritual traditions, he brings a unique background to his work.

Prior to forming his consulting company in 1980, John served as a Combat Officer in the US Navy, Lutheran Chaplain to Cornell University (he is an ordained Pastor), Gestalt Therapist, and co-creator and Core Faculty of a graduate program in Applied Behaviors Science. For over 40 years, John has written, spoken, consulted and counseled with clients from large and small organizations, including Boeing, Siemens, DHL, Tchibo, Nintendo, The Government of Canada, Unilever, ING Bank, The Sisters of Mercy Health Group, The Parliament of World Religions, among others.
His books include the 1973 Parables (exploring the stories of Jesus as transformational encounters), the 1993 Work and the Human Spirit, 2003’s Five Questions that Change Everything, and, in 2012, the sequel, Wiser at Work: Five Questions that Change the Way You Lead. He has media resources in Large Scale Organizational Change, Conflict Utilization, and Leadership Development, and his newsletter, The Scherer Leadership Report, read by 5,000 each week. Leaders from 28 countries have graduated from his 3-day Leadership Development Intensive. These days he lives and operates out of Seattle and Krakow, Poland. He was a presenter to ebbf in 2010.
John is a runner and swimmer, does yoga daily, is a former magician, plays the guitar, and loves a good spy novel. His four grown children and one grandson are ‘joyful lights in this world’.

Nava Hinrichs

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 11.47.59

Nava Hinrichs is currently Managing Director of The Hague Process on Refugees and Migration (THP) in the Netherlands.
THP seeks to affect policies and policy decision-making processes in the refugee and migration field through research collaborations and engagement with key stakeholders, particularly the private sector and cities.
Ms Hinrichs is also a guest lecturer on Refugee Law at Maastricht University (Netherlands) and was previously a lecturer at the University of Witwatersrand (South Africa) in Human Rights Law and Politics, and Human Rights and Culture.
Prior to her work in Johannesburg, Ms Hinrichs was a legal advisor to asylum seekers in Egypt who were seeking refugee status from the UNHCR.
She also has experience working with internally displaced people and migrants in Colombia as well as in the UK.   Ms Hinrichs holds an MA in Human Rights Law (School of Oriental and African Studies, London) and a BA in European Studies (London School of Economics and Political Sciences and King’s College London). .

Françoise Le Goff

françoise le goff
Head of the International Red Cross Federation’s southern Africa Zone since its establishment in August 2007. Francoise has driven a robust and creative humanitarian diplomacy agenda in the region. She has created and built strong and operationally important partnerships with key stakeholders. Under her leadership, the Red Cross has positioned itself strongly and credibly in regards climate change adaptation and risk reduction, the still-unfolding HIV and AIDS pandemic and violence.

Jason Maude

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 18.04.16
One of the main organizers of ebbf events over the past three years, Jason enjoys these events as it allows him to meet fascinating people and explore new and interesting ideas, concepts and systems.  He hopes to develop ebbf events further so they can be a truly unique offering to the discussion around business and its place in civilization.  He works professionally as a software engineer developing financial software for business to business lending and leasing.


The key element of ebbf events is the “meaningful conversations” dynamic that we create. To spark those exchanges we invited the following speakers, sharing new trends and personal experiences from a wide variety of  sectors and nations.
See what you can expect: click here to view a video from last year’s international ebbf learning event at this same location.

Introductory presentation of “how can I influence my work and world?” Jason Maude and Wendi Momen

Selebogo Molefe – South Africa - Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Alumni
The South African model of influence, cooperation and new entrepreneurial models

Marc Rivers – Switzerland – Global head of Finance, Roche
Sharing a personal path of influence, living one’s spiritual values at the top of a corporation

Presenting participants projects, ebbf accompaniment
Learn from three projects, three ways of influencing work and world that will elicit the active accompaniment of event participants

First meaningful conversations dynamics

Sjoerd Luteyn & Oscar Rosa – Netherlands – Partners at Refresh Interactions

Finding and living the soul of the enterprise, sharing how big and small enterprises are finding success by focusing on meaningful influence.

Asim Haneef – Egypt – Producer Al Jazeera and Bamyan Media
Sharing how his TV program in Egypt and media in general can use the inspiration of social innovators to influence millions

Nava Hinrichs and Maja Groff – Netherlands – The Hague International Criminal Court
Leveraging the power of both women and men to influence and create more successful workplaces

Alex Cabon – Brazil / UK – PWC Head of Latin America Market
How can we find and use our talents to influence through a meaningful career?

Stephanie Hughes – Lebanon / Netherlands – CEO Akka Architects

Living an ebbf action lab, answering the event question “how can I influence my work and world?”

Pearl Samandari – Switzerland (TBC) – Manager, Women Leaders and Gender Parity Programme at World Economic Forum
What new trends in influence are global business organisations identifying?

John Scherer – Poland – CEO Scherer Center
What is the role of spiritual leadership to positively influence our organizations?

The key element of the event where we take time to harvest all the learning of the weekend  and create our personal plan of influence
starting a year-long journey of “ebbf accompaniment” to help us sustain our influence in our workplace and world.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 10.55.22

pre-event session

We warmly encourage you to take up this opportunity to join a pre-event three-day session hosted by long time ebbf friend and contributor John Scherer and Amy Barnes. Not only are John and Amy’s values totally aligned with those of ebbf, but we have witnessed the effects of this leadership training session which would take you to a totally different level of clarity and awareness ready to fully harness the ebbf event that follows and most importantly transform your life in a way that we witnessed and can vouch for.

Additionally John has generously agreed to share 20% of profits he makes from each registration as a donation to ebbf and is offering to ebbf members this training at a much reduced price than his usual fee.

Click here to download the brochure and information about the session and how to register

For more information email John or Natalia at the Scherer Center
Wiser at Work
5 questions that transform everything
Workshop for Leaders of Change Co-Sponsored by ebbf


“I am usually rather skeptical of leadership training workshops but the reason ebbf has partnered with John and Amy’s Leadership Development Initiative came not only from common strong values we are passionate about but by having witnessed first-hand the transformation it produced in a number of individuals who attended this session, prior to the previous ebbf annual event last October.

Starting with Jason Maude, a person I have enjoyed working with for a number of years, co-creating great international events together. A much more centred, strong, clear Jason who greeted my with a: Daniel you really should be trying this out – this is an amazing, truly life-transforming experience.”

Daniel Truran – ebbf director general

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 16.22.38

price & place


Conference fee (prices per person)
Includes the conference fee, materials, entry to all the sessions.
Excludes accommodation and meals (see column on the right).

Conference Tickets Members Non-members
Early Bird
(ended 28th February)
95 145
Full conference fee € 135 € 175
Saturday only – one day fee € 65 € 80
Full event Corporate Training fee € 650 € 950
Can’t afford it?
Get you company to sponsor your learning experience
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Cancellation policy for conference fee
- Cancellations before 1st March 80% refund
- Cancellations between 1st March and 1st April – 50% refund
- Cancellations received after the 1st April – No refund
(check directly with the hotel their accommodation cancellation fees)

If you cannot find the information that you are looking for in these pages, don’t hesitate to contact Helen Morley at: events@ebbf.org


Conference Timings, Location & How to Get There
To make your travel arrangements, please consider that the ebbf conference program starts Friday 9th May at 18:00, ending Sunday 11th May after lunch at 14:00.

booking with the hotel is necessary even if you are not sleeping there and only attending as a day visitor. Below are the special ebbf accommodation and meals rates.
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Type Price (in British Pounds)
SINGLE room accommodation, all meals included GBP 125 p/person p/day
SHARED TWIN room accommodation, all meals included GBP 90 p/person p/day
Only day visitor, no accommodation only lunch, dinner and coffee breaks included GBP 55 p/person p/day

Conference location
The venue of the conference is a quite beautiful hotel, immersed in the Surrey countryside, just south of London: Selsdon Park Hotel & Golf Club, 126 Addington Road, South Croydon, Surrey, CR2 8YA, England, UK

How to get there
Nearest airports:
London Gatwick (30 minutes: train + short taxi ride from Croydon train station to the hotel)
London Heathrow (50 minutes: train + short taxi ride from Croydon train station to the hotel
See train timetable from either airport to the hotel location clicking here


Event Registration

Next ebbf learning event at Selsdon Park Hotel, London – UK
9th to 11th May 2014

Event registration


Location finalised for next (May 2014) ebbf international learning event

You can view here images of past ebbf events in the beautiful location in LONDON that will host our next ebbf international learning event from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th of May 2014

inspiring interview and meaningful hangout with Jeff Lynn

Wealth has very little to do with money, much more to do with opportunity

Arthur Dahl on “what does sustainable wealth look like?”

View here article by Arthur Dahl submitted to UN’s World We Want 2015 initiative

what does sustainable wealth look like? – meaningful hangout

click to view transcript of the first pre-event ebbf meaningful hangout on this topic